PATH | Alteryx Tips – Creating a list of dates without input tools

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On this tip you will learn how to create a list of dates without the input tool, this may be useful to complete a dataset where you don’t have all days of a period of time.


Step 1: Configure the Tool “Generate Rows”

Definition: Creates a dataset using the configured expression. To create the list of dates, first we will need to configure our Expression Condition to be ID <= 366, which ID is the name of the new field we are creating on the tool, and 366 represents the number of days of the year (on this example we are using a leap year, otherwise the condition would be ID <=365).

Also it’s necessary to configure the Loop Expression, on this case ID+1. This way we will have a list of sequential numbers from 1 to 366.


Step 2: Including the Formula Tool

Definition: This tool will create our list of dates. Using de column ID created by the tool “Generate Rows” from step 1, the formula tool will add to each row, the days starting on the first day of the year, in other words, on row 1 we’ll have 2020-01-01, on row 2 we’ll have 2020-01-02 and so on.

This way we have our dataset with all days of the year

Final: Done!  Now you know how to create a dataset of dates without the input tool.