PATH Tips/Best Practices- How to creat a Cleveland Dot

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In this tip, you will learn how to create a Cleveland Dot chart. To do this, use the order data available in Tableau.


Step 1: In a new spreadsheet, create 1 calculated fields as follows:

  • Linha:



Step 2: On the tag card, change the chart type to circles. Drag the Order Date to line (make sure it is a discrete year). After that drag the Region to row field to the right of the order date and Sales to column.

  1. Right-click Sales, add a quick table calculation, and select percentage of total. The scope of the calculation is Panel (down).


Step 3: Drag the calculated field Line created in step 1 to the left column of Aggregate Sales under Max and by right-clicking on Sales select double axis.

  1. On the MAX (Line) mark card, change the mark type to bar and reduce the size to about 10%.

Step 4:Format the spreadsheet by hiding gridlines, rows and columns, and finally adjusting colors and text.

End: Ready! Now you know how to create Cleveland Dot graphics.