PATH | Tableau Tips – How to create calendar table in Tableau

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In this tip you will learn how to create Calendars Table in Tableau. For this, we will use the Superstore database.


Passo 1: Create the calculated field below to take the week of the MONTH:

DATEPART(‘week’, [Order Date]) -DATEPART(‘week’,DATETRUNC(‘month’,[Order Date]))


Passo 2: Drag the Order Date to the columns by selecting Discrete Month. Drag this Date again and select Discrete weekday. After that, drag Order date to Lines by selecting Discrete year and drag the calculated field from step 1 “week of the month” to the lines.



Passo 3:

Change the brand type to square and drag Sales to Color. Hide the week header of the month, the day of the week and the field label for lines. Right-click Year and select Rotate label. You should now have the following:


 Ready! Now you know how to create Calendar Table in Tableau.